Color Matched Fasteners

Premium Metal To Wood

  • Lifetime 40 Year Warranty Long Life Fastener.
  • Designed to fasten steel roofing to wood purlins used in post-frame construction, & plywood or OSB used in residential construction.
  • 5/16 cupped HWH with a molded ZAMAC 5 Zinc-Aluminum alloy provides lifetime protection against red rust on the head & washer. The ZAMAC 5 alloy provides more strength than more common ZAMAC 3 alloy. You may obtain a free copy of the written warranty upon request.
  • UlTIMATE is an excellent choice for GALVALUME & other long-life metal roof panels.
  • Threads transition from fine to coarse to generate superior holding strength in various wood substrates.
  • Sharp point with pronounced lead thread consistently drills hightensile 29 & 26 gauge steel with no “point walking.”
  • Type 17 point reduces metal shavings that can embed themselves in the rubber washer.

Standard Metal To Wood

  • Innovative hybrid threads penetrate metal panels, hard woods and knots allowing for quicker installation
  • Self tapping type-17 point, to help remove pigtails
  • Nonconductive washer
  • #10 diameter, 14 threads per inch
  • Carbon Steel with Oxyseal coating

Metal To Metal

  • Fastener designed to attach metal roof and sidewall panels used in pre-engineered metal building applications.
  • #12 Diameter 5/16 Cupped HWH self-drilling fastener easily penetrates steel up to .210 in thickness with no “point walking”. 1/4 Stitch will securely fasten 2 layers of 26 GA with no strip-out.
  • Cupped head & washer encapsulate EPDM rubber washer and provide a secure seal even when driven at an angle.