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How to measure your roof

We know how challenging it can be when you’re ready to get a quote on a metal roofing project and you’re asked to provide the measurements of your roof. It’s infrequent that a home or building is a perfect square and the calculations that a contractor makes require some specific information about angles and dimensions. We have put together a simple guide to try to ease this process for you below.

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Measuring your metal roof doesn’t have to be a pain if you gather some info first:

You should start by drawing a top-down perspective of your roof. The drawing should be large enough that you can write down the feet and inches of each separate line. Writing down these values is the most important thing, not that the drawing is to scale!

Aside from chimneys, are there any other roof penetrations to note? Your building may have plumbing pipes or stove pipes, for example—what are their diameters?

Does your home or building have a porch or areas with different roof pitches that may necessitate transition flashing?

Do you intend to use 1x4 purlins, or install your metal roof over synthetic underlayment?

Have you considered whether you’ll want to add insulation beneath your new metal roof?

What is the metal roof going to be used for, exactly? A house, shed, barn, or siding for example.

Are there one or more chimneys on the house? Gather the measurements for them.

Do you have an attic? You may be planning to vent the ridge in order to allow hot air to escape. Is the soffit vented?

Is there an existing layer of shingles you plan to install the metal roof over?

Have Questions? We Have Answers

We’ve tried to ensure that the guide above is as comprehensive as possible to help you get started with your measurements. Getting as much of this information together as possible can help your contractor provide the most accurate estimate possible for your metal roofing project.