How Metal Roofing Can Be Beneficial In the Winter

December 11, 2021


If you’ve lived in an area that gets bitter cold with piles of snow, you’re probably aware of the many snowballs wintertime can throw at you.  (Hopefully that pun makes it past the editor.) 

In all seriousness, harsh winters can take a toll on your roof, so it’s essential that you prepare your home for the winter – because if you don’t, the effects could be devastating.

For old or poorly build roofs, too much snow or ice could accumulate on your roof, causing water to leak into your home. There have also been unfortunate situations where roofs cave in from extreme weight loads.

That said, metal roofing is viewed as one of the best options to protect your home from the winter elements.



Snow & Ice Do Not Build Up on Metal Roofs
As mentioned above, snow & ice buildup can cause major damage to your home. With properly installed metal roofing, ice dams and leaks will virtually be eliminated.

You can also equip your metal roof with snow guards, which are used on metal roofs to help snow and ice drift off your roof in small amounts, instead of it all sliding down at once.


Metal Roofing Is Made to Last
Metal roofing has a reputation for its durability and longevity. When installed properly, it can withstand elements that traditional roofing systems couldn’t.

The average metal roof lasts 40 to 70 years, whereas typical asphalt roofs have a lifespan of 15 to 30 years.


Metal Roofing Is Energy Efficient
Contrary to popular belief, metal roofing can lower your energy bills in the wintertime.  Steel is a thermal conductor, which means it transfers heat to cooler objects and absorbs heat from hotter objects.


Whether you love or hate the winter season, it’s important that you are prepared for whatever the elements may bring – which could mean purchasing a new roof.

Seeking a reputable roofing professional is our recommended method to take care of your building needs.