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Indiana Post Frame Supplies

Hard, High Tensile Strength Steel

Ram-Panel is 28Ga Steel manufactured to ASTM A792 Grade 80 specifications for a minimum tensile strength of 80,000 psi, allowing Ram-Panel to stand up to the most severe weather conditions including ice, driving wind or heavy snow.


Galvalume Coating

A heavy, hot-dipped zinc-aluminum coating is applied to the base steel on both the bare and painted products. This coating offers maximum corrosion protection and helps assure low maintenance, durability and edge protection with a limited 25-year 6-month warranty.


Acrylic Coating

Available on bare only, is a clear organic surface treatment applied over the Galvalume/Galvanized coating. The surface treatment is essentially invisible and provides excellent characteristics to improve the performance and applicability of the unpainted Galvalume/Galvanized sheet. Installation is easier and safe since no oils are applied to either the sheet or the forming rolls. Equally impressive is the performance of the material in regards to hand marking and non-uniform darkening when stored at a job site.


Siphon Groove

Ram Panel is designed with unique siphon groove drain channels that guard against wind, rain and snow - eliminating leaks. The siphon groove on the underlap of the panel interlocks with the overlap of the next panel. This adds strength to the purlin bearing leg. The design permits a free flow water runoff, channeling out any water that might be forced into the snug fitting lap.


Life Cycle Cost

Ram-Panel is the best investment for your dollar. Backed by a limited warranty on the color coated panels, Ram-Panel is less prone to wind damage and deterioration from the elements than traditional roofing products. The low maintenance and long-lasting beauty make Ram-Panel the cost effective alternative.



Looking to the future, we all need to be concerned about preserving the environment. Many asphalt and tar based roof systems are not recyclable, which contributes to the growing landfill problems. Steel is 100% recyclable and all of Ramco's steel panels contain recycled steel. Because the Ram-Panel is durable and lightweight, it can be retrofitted over existing shingles or built-up roof systems. This eliminates the need to remove or dispose of the existing, non-recyclable roof.

Indiana Post Frame Supplies

Ram Panel Metal Colors

Choose a color that enhances your project. Stop by our showroom to pick up color samples. Can't make it to our showroom? Call us and we will mail you a color chart!

Indiana Post Frame Supplies

Ram Panel Metal Trims

Utilize our durable and high quality metal trim for our RAM Panel metal products.

Indiana Post Frame Supplies

Ram Panel Installation Guide

Properly install your metal products with our installation guide, created by professionals for results that will last for many years.