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Metal R Panel and Trim

R-Panel performs exceptionally well on roof pitches as low as 1:12 and on spans up to 5'. Our R-panel has been engineered and designed to be structurally sound. For excellent strength and leak resistance, our R-panel has full 1-1/4" high major ribs and 1" wide at the top and over 3" wide at the base. For roof applications, our R-panel provides extra support at the lap. Sealant tape and stitch screws are required for improved leak resistance. R-panel is used mostly for steel frame buildings, but can also be used on wood frame buildings.


Indiana Post Frame Supplies

R-Panel Metal Colors

Choose a color that enhances your project. Stop by our showroom to pick up color samples. Can't make it to our showroom? Call us and we will mail you a color chart!



Indiana Post Frame Supplies

R-Panel Metal Trims

Utilize our durable and high quality metal trim for our R-Panel metal products.