Metal Roofing

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If you’re a metal roofing contractor, you know how difficult it is to purchase custom length steel roofing and get it to your jobsite quickly without damage. At Ramco, we have developed a system that allows you to pick it up the day you ordered or have it delivered in 48 hours with no onsite forklift needed. We save you money by getting your project done quicker, and easier, with less damage!

Explore the Steel Roofing Systems


Ram Panel

Ram-Panel is 28Ga Steel manufactured to ASTM A792 Grade 80 specifications for a minimum tensile strength of 80,000 psi...


Super-Loc Panel

Super-Loc Standing Seam is a premium metal roofing system. This contemporary roofing is designed with hidden fasteners on...



R-panel has been engineered and designed to be structurally sound. For excellent strength and leak resistance, our R-panel has full 1-1/4"...


RX-4 Panel

The RX-4 Panel, a Ramco exclusive design gives the appearance of a standing seam metal roof at a similar cost to the traditional metal roof.


3/4 Corrugated

Popular with modern and contemporary design. Anti-siphon groove for roofing application. Versatile panel for roofing, siding and...


1-1/4 Corrugated

1-1/4 Corrugated is the accent panel that is well suited for interior and exterior projects. A corrugated gable accent will boost...


Steel Roofs Are A Wise Choice

Metal roofing greatly surpasses the benefits of traditional roofing such as asphalt and wood shingles. Although metal roofing may cost more to install, the long term benefits often make the cost difference of little significance.

Steel Roofs Save Money

Metal roofs usually cost more initially but the savings start to pile up in the long run. Some insurance companies will offer discounts of up to 30% to homeowners with metal roofs. Cooling energy costs are also often reduced because of the reflective values of light colored metal roofs. Metal roofs will last much longer than shingles and have less maintenance. The long durable life of metal backed with warranties make a metal roof a great long term investment.

Steel Roofs Are Tough

Metal roofs withstand damage from hail storms, unlike asphalt shingles, which are quickly damaged during a hail storm. Unlike most other roofing materials, a metal roof does not break, crack, or dent.

Steel Roofs Prevent Fires

Areas prone to forest fires frequently encourage the use of metal roofing. California residents testify to the fire resistance of metal roofs. Some homes with metal roofs were the only ones standing after the firestorms of 2003. Hot embers driven by the wind quickly ignite shingle roofs. Metal roofs resist hot embers much longer. The California Insurance Institute recommends metal roofing as one method of reducing the risk of home destruction from forest fires.