Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace Your Roof

February 11, 2022

Being a homeowner can be stressful, especially if you are busy working on improvement projects, which make it easy to overlook the needs of your roof. Although roofs don’t need daily care or maintenance, it should be a top priority to regularly inspect or perform the occasional repair.

If a roof has been deteriorating without the above-mentioned care or inspections, a variety of things can go wrong, such as:

Water Damage:

The older a roof gets, the more susceptible it is to water damage and leaks.  The water will rot your roof, which has potential to cause more damage throughout your home.

Collapse or Structural Damage:

Water damage can also contribute to a buildings structural integrity and cause the roof to collapse. This can happen at any time of the year, but especially in areas prone to get large amounts of snow.  A roof collapse is a major safety concern for all who inhabit the area.

Lower Property Value:

If your goal is to sell or rent your home, the value may be decreased due to an aging roof. For example, if a home buyer is looking to purchase a house, they may not want to immediately handle a roof renovation thus look elsewhere.

However, if you replace the roof, the appeal along with resell value will immediately increase.




Replacing your roof can be a difficult decision, after all, it is a major expense. However, the risks and costs of delaying a roof replacement outweigh the price of installing a new roof. Plus, if you decide to install a metal roof in place of your asphalt roof, it could last up to seventy years!

At Ramco, we’re ready to help serve you in your next building project.  Contact us today to speak with one of our metal roofing experts.